Step to the Window

Step to the window with me
Come see what’s not easily seen
Walk away from the clenching things
Step to the window with me

See the lilies swaying gracefully
See the sparrows flying as they sing
See the trees that reach beyond the sky
Step to the window with me

May hope rise
More blue skies
May hope rise

Not one alone in their suffering
Not every pain without meaning
Aching wounds must one day find peace
Step to the window with me

Every winter must yield itself to spring
Let new life stir over dead things
Fix eyes on mysterious unseen
Step to the window with me

Words and Music Vania Levans

Vocals, Piano, Vania Levans
Bass, Synth, Lincoln Tatem
Drums, Kenton Wiens



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Track List

  1. She's Got
  2. Step to the Window
  3. Twisted Filters
  4. A Breath
  5. Charcoal Drawings
  6. When
  7. Go Slowly Now
  8. Light Breaks
  9. Keep On
  10. So Now I Am More Myself


new branch budding


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