Charcoal Drawings

I will put away my charcoal drawings
Sketches of my hopes now turned to gray
I will put away my charcoal drawings
Tomorrow could be a brighter day

Such an uncanny way to have to etch a picture
What I dreamed is not the art I look at now
My interactions with this drab life’s drawing
Have left me feeling somewhat out

So I will put away these charcoal drawings
Sketches that have become today’s dismay
I will lay these down to rest, seek arms that give me strength
Strength to face another day

No more gazing at these disappointing smudges
I rest  frustrations with artistic skills I lacked
I will lay my pencils down for now
The sun sets and I know somehow
That tomorrow could be a brighter day
Tomorrow could be a brighter day.


Words and Music Vania Levans
Arrangement Lincoln Tatem

Vocals, Vania Levans
Piano, Will Cheung
Bass, Lincoln Tatem
Drums, Kenton Wiens



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Track List

  1. She's Got
  2. Step to the Window
  3. Twisted Filters
  4. A Breath
  5. Charcoal Drawings
  6. When
  7. Go Slowly Now
  8. Light Breaks
  9. Keep On
  10. So Now I Am More Myself


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