Twisted Filters

Gazing through twisted filters
Don’t see or understand
Gazing through twisted filters
Has apathy stilled our hands?

Hazy world, corruption wrought, when will the deception stop
When will each one take a stand, ask what can be done with my hand?

It’s not ok,
It’s not ok,
No, no, no, no, it’s not ok

Who said that we would watch this?
Look on and not take a stand?
Watch now filters tearing
Is there stirring in the land?



Words and Music Vania Levans
Arrangement Lincoln Tatem

Vocals, Background Vocals, Vania Levans
Synth, Will Cheung
Bass, Claves, Background Vocals, Lincoln Tatem
Drums, Kenton Wiens
Electric Guitar, Michael Nowak



the lyrics


Track List

  1. She's Got
  2. Step to the Window
  3. Twisted Filters
  4. A Breath
  5. Charcoal Drawings
  6. When
  7. Go Slowly Now
  8. Light Breaks
  9. Keep On
  10. So Now I Am More Myself


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