Go Slowly Now

Go slowly now
No rushing
The soothing of wounds that tear inside

Accept somehow
this aching
As pain creeps in and out with the tide

Steady on now, giving room for the soul to cry
Open eyes now, searching for truth and naming the lies

Go slowly now
No rushing
Be still as the Comforter draws nigh

And we push, and we rush,
and we hide, and we lie,
and we do what we can to make it die
And we shove and we smush,
and we won't let it touch,
The heart that is trembling and shattered inside.

Wait, wait, wait, child,
Healing comes to those who wait.



Written and arranged by Vania Levans and Tim Levans

Vocals, Vania Levans
Bass, Vocals, Tim Levans
Piano, Synth, Lincoln Tatem
Drums, Kenton Wiens



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Track List

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  2. Step to the Window
  3. Twisted Filters
  4. A Breath
  5. Charcoal Drawings
  6. When
  7. Go Slowly Now
  8. Light Breaks
  9. Keep On
  10. So Now I Am More Myself


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