A Breath

stop, and take a breath with me
let the going cease
the stillness seep in

drop the bags of busyness
come lets do more of less
with you I want to be

oh, if you would take the time
to hear my heartbeats rhyme
how together we could sing

you have got to make the choice
will I hear more of your voice
will you hear my melodies

pains how you come and go
effects which you don’t know
if you knew you’d change your beat

oh! If you would take the time
to me your heart incline
find life that’s full and breathes

with you I want to be
with you I want to be

Words and Music Vania Levans

Vocals, Flute, Vania Levans
Piano, Will Cheung
Bass, Lincoln Tatem
Drums, Kenton Wiens



the lyrics


Track List

  1. She's Got
  2. Step to the Window
  3. Twisted Filters
  4. A Breath
  5. Charcoal Drawings
  6. When
  7. Go Slowly Now
  8. Light Breaks
  9. Keep On
  10. So Now I Am More Myself


leaf in the rain


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