becomings CD cover  



re-released September, 2009

The music of becomings is a combination of jazz and soul, with a touch of funk here and there.

"With her smoky soulful voice Vania blends blue notes and heavenly lyrics in celebration of love's power to overcome life's dark moments. With true authenticity she move between the shadows of longing and despair into the peace and love that surrounds us all if we take the time to acknowledge it's presence. What a gift it is to hear the truths spoken from her heart."
--Jon Scott

The album named becomings is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. But it will remind you of lots you’ve heard before. Nine original tunes with great lyrics, a fantastic band, this music pulls from a variety of styles, traditions and influences. The diversity contained in one CD is outstanding and yet every different genre is executed with finesse. Although it definitely has a jazzy feel you’re never quite sure exactly what style to call it or which jazz vocalist Vania sounds like most, Sarah Vaughn? Cassandra Wilson? Diana Krall? Aretha Franklin? Everybody hears something different and it changes with each song. Take a listen and see if you can come up with a verdict.



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